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OnlineNavigator offers free personal support with questions about the Affordable Care Act, the health exchange enrollment system and related issues. THIS SERVICE IS AVAILABLE TO EMPLOYEES OR INDIVIDUALS ASSOCOATED WITH A CONTRACTED GROUP.

Call (800) 609-0683 or email to confirm eligibility and schedule support.

OnlineNavigator is an independent advisory service only and is not authorized to act on behalf of any exchange or insurance company. We do not calculate insurance premiums, handle premium payments, claims, subsidies or take insurance enrollments; please contact your insurance company if you need help with any of these specific insurance issues.

Please see the Fair Use Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Questions about OnlineNavigator service for more information on the service and its limitations. We do not provide advice for Medicare or Medicaid eligible individuals and do not provide support when the same help that is readily available from other sources.

OnlineNavigator service is independent of any insurance company, exchange or government entity. Consumers may access the resources at or any other government Web site directly without professional assistance. OnlineNavigator service may be limited and is not available is all situations.

The best way to access OnlineNavigator help is to use the adviser help link on the web page of the enrollment site that you are using.