We accept referrals from insurance agents, accountants, financial planners and others who refer individual clients. However, since we do not charge clients a fee at this time, so there is no split fee arrangement with the referrer.

Exchange producers is not a producer for any insurance exchange. Information about direct producer licensing with health insurance exchanges is published by CMS.


At this time we do not have a system in place to refer users to navigator organizations but we hope to offer that service in the future. If you are interested in leering about becoming a health insurance navigator, we suggest that you join the Health Insurance Navigator discussion group on LinkedIn.

Accountable Care Organizations and government sponsored plans

We would welcome a recruitment and enrollment support engagement inquiry from an accountable care organization or government-sponsored plan.

Employers and Associations

We may be able to offer an increased level of service to the employees of sponsoring firms or members of business associations that actively endorse and promote OnlineNavigator service. Please contact Tony Novak for additional information.

Small business health plan services are offered through The opening of the online health insurance exchange for small businesses has been delayed until 2014.