Health care reform planning for businesses

New software enables employers to map the best strategy to save money under the Affordable Care Act

JULY 9, 2012 - announces the availability of a new tool to help employers forecast potential penalties resulting from the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act as well as make proactive changes to their benefits lineup prior to 2014. The software tool was developed by a number of industry sources and compiled by Freedom Benefits into a report designed for medium sized businesses.

Effective utilization of the health reform software requires a preliminary employer survey, a market analysis to help to understand the costs, tax liabilities, qualitative and quantitative factors affecting the employer, an employee survey, a healthcare reform compliance checklist and a strategy module.

In some cases employers will decide that it is better to pay the tax penalty and then help employees access health insurance through a public or commercial health insurance exchange.

Pricing of this planning service is based on the size of the company any the complexity of existing health plans but for most mid-sized businesses the project can be completed by a navigator in 6 to 8 hours of total professional planning and accounting time at a price less than $1,500. Anticipated savings are expected to easily justify an employer's investment in this specialized type of financial planning.

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