OnlineNavigator endorses Members Insurance Exchange

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April  23, 2013
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The nationwide health insurance technology platform known as Inshealth that is used by the federal government's online insurance exchange is now available directly to consumers through Members insurance exchange. This service was developed by Ehealthinsurance to quote dozens of health insurance options side by side and allow fast secure online enrollment for most major medical insurance plans. The health insurance plans, rates and online enrollment services are the same regardless of the point of enrollment but agent service is now available through the Members exchange. Unlike the federal exchange, Members insurance exchange offers built-in independent agent support. In contrast, offers no personal support and Ehealthinsurance offers in-house sales agents. OnlineNavigator changed its primary enrollment support platform from to Members Insurance exchange in response to the launch of this new service. OnlineNavigator founder Tony Novak cites the win/win aspects for health insurance consumers: "For the first time online health insurance shoppers have access to this best-in-class pricing and enrollment technology along with both professional insurance agent services alongside paid independent professional support".

OnlineNavigator is an online service offered by Freedom Benefits based in Philadelphia. Tony Novak, CPA founded MedSave in 1997 as a first generation online insurance exchange and re-launched Freedom Benefits in 2010 in response to health insurance reforms. More information is available at