Consumer questions about COBRA coverage

October 5, 2012 - The Web site compiled a list of most frequently asked questions that visitors have about this special health insurance provision governed by a federal law that became effective in 1986. The Web site receives about 1,000 visitors per month who primarily wish to check specific details of the law or consider alternatives. The four most common questions asked by consumers are:
1. Can COBRA coverage be extended? (The answer is usually no but see this page for a list of exceptions).
2. What is the cost of COBRA coverage?  (It depends on what the employer spent, see this page for more).
3. How long do I have to enroll in COBRA? (It varies but is typically about two months after the qualifying event. more..)
4. Are domestic partners eligible for COBRA coverage? (Probably, but see this page for more) 

These questions are discussed in detail in the published resources, along with many other topics related to COBRA coverage. The Web site, established in 2003, has been among the leading sources of online consumer information on this topic. COBRA was not significantly affected by the health insurance reform laws of 2010 and will remain in force following full implementation of the law.