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The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 and subsequent policy changes have tiggered many  consumer questions ranging from insurance to tax issues and even asset protection. Now even more questions are raised as we consider repealing the law. Expert independent help for consumers has been almost non-existent. OnlineNavigator offers free short telephone consultations daily. Extended services may be offered to employers, groups or individuals for a fee.

OnlineNavigator is a trademarked commercial advisory service offered by independent adviser Tony Novak and is not affiliated with any government program or insurance company. Limited support is available without charge subject to availibility; additional service may be offered at a fee under the terms negotiated. 


The state insurance exchange is usually the primary source of information about primary health insurance available to individuals but not everyone qualifies for this coverage. If you can't get information or coverage through the usual system, OnlineNavigator may be able to help point to additional resources.

A health insurance exchange is usually the best source of information if you want to:

  • estimate whether you qualify for a subsidy to buy health insurance
  • Compare rates and coverage for the insurance options listed on the federal and state to those offered through a commercial insurance exchange
  • Address questions about integration of benefits
  • Consider non-insurance options in your area and other options to major medical insurance
  • Find coverage for pre-existing medical conditions
  • Find out whether you qualify for Medicaid or insurance subsidies
  • Consider special issues for child only and student coverage
  • Compare individual and small business coverage options

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Health insurance navigators

Check out the Health Insurance Navigator online discussion group at LinkedIn for firms that provide navigator or in-person enrollment services.

Advantages of OnlineNavigator service

Federal regulation of the navigator grantees and non-navigator personnel restricts the advice that these companies and individuals may provide. For example, navigators may not compare the strengths and weaknesses of two competing health plans and may not present options outside of the official health insurance exchange. OnlineNavigator is not bound by these restrictions and ma discuss any topic of interest to consumers.

OnlineNavigator's consumer adviser completes the same basic training and annual certification education programs (for both individual and SHOP marketplaces) developed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services as federal navigators and also completes the continuing education programs required for insurance producers in all 50 states and DC as well as the continuing education requirements of the Delaware State Board of Accountancy.

Health reform and insurance exchange news

Other news related to OnlineNavigator is posted here.

9/21/2017 OnlneNavigator support is built into the small business employee benefit plans offered at Freedom Benefits.

12/16/2016 New small business health plans are available for 2017. See this blog post and Powerpoint presentation.

12/12/2015 The terms of service is updated to reflect the limitation of free service and to emphasize that most service is provided through paid consultation.

6/8/2015 The free use policy at is modified to be consistent with the free initial consultation policy at

11/15/2014 officially opens today for 2015 enrollment. See how we graded the site on this Obamacare Report Card.

10/28/2014 Consumer Reports issued an advisory saying that consumers should stay away from for another month while software repairs are being made.

10/22/2014 Effective November 2014, agents and brokers can offer insurance products through and the other Health Insurance Marketplace exchanges to individuals and businesses on the same terms as these products are offered outside the exchange. Additional training and certification is required. Online Navigator principal Tony Novak has completed the required training for the benefit of OnlineNavigator users but has no plans at this time to affiliate with any insurance carrier or act as agent or broker.

4/10/2014 Open enrollment is closed for 2014 but options remain for those who need coverage. You may be eligible for special enrollment consideration now or a short term medical insurance plan until the next coverage season begins. Even if neither of these applies in your case, Freedom Benefits offers other tips, options and personal guidance to best manage the risk.

2/10/2014 In-person navigator enrollment events will wind down after this week in many parts of the country. The insurance enrollment deadline to avoid a tax penalty is February 15.

12/29/2013 "Understanding the Shared Responsibility Payment" is published to provide answers to commonly asked questions about the details of the individual insurance mandate and tax penalties for 2014.

11/26/2013 The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services now reports that 90 percent of users are now able to create accounts at even though fewer are successful with completing the enrollment process. Some consumers remain concerned about the fundamental requirement at that requires a user to provide personal information before the available insurance requirements are shown. Based on this objection, we made arrangements with Members Insurance Exchange, an alternate private insurance enrollment exchange using a platform developed by Ehealth to provide quotes faster and easier. A number of other commercial service now offer a work-around to insurance pricing at Users can now use any option to get insurance process but lower income applicants should be aware that at this point there are still problems completing the subsidy qualification process with all of these options. The best option is simply to wait until these issues are resolved.  If you want coverage that will start January 1, 2014, the application deadline is December 23, 2013. The insurance exchanges expect to have the issues resolved before that date.

10/3/2013 In the first few days of the exchange system the two most common questions are some version of 1) I can't get online and need help right away" and 2) "I want to be a navigator". OnlineNavigator published standardized responses to each question.

9/30/2013 The National Association of Insurance Commissioners offers an online resource to report suspected insurance fraud and another service to file a complaint about insurance.

9/15/2013 Registration information is available from CMS for brokers and agents who will use the federal health insurance exchange system.